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Isla Banca Kite Festival, February 27 & 28, 2016

This year was the best festival yet! Jim Martin, world renowned single line kite flyer, visited for the first time. We had good winds, and Jim Martin was able to put up a lot of big kites! Penny Lingenfelter one again supported us by coming and flying her four line Revolution kite. The kids enjoyed the Peter Pan and Mario skits. We were also blessed with the company of Bethany and Andy Wilson, kite flyers from Utah.

Roberto Reyes and Cira Caballero, kite makers and flyers from Cancun flew their own kites. They also did the piñata de papaplotes (candy drop) on both Saturday and Sunday.
The kids enjoyed the bol races. Winners won a raffle ticket, and one of the winners won a kite on Sunday!

Marco Espinoza and crew from Perico’s Restaurant provided food for the children from Cancun Pro Kids and the kite flyers. Marco also was our announcer and provided music.

We don´t have a count, but Sunday appeared to be our biggest crowd yet.

Stills Lifestyle Agency took videos of the festival. Their video went viral on Facebook.

Here is the same video on YouTube

Still photos of the festival are available at

Blue Lines Transportation helped before and after the event with transportation for the kite flyers. Thanks, Blue Lines!

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